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Inter-Tech Behuizing Case X-608 INFINITY Micro, 1x120mm RGB-koeler

Art. nr. 3976233

€ 89,99

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An infinity mirror in the front illuminated by RGB LEDs, an RGB LED strip in the power supply tunnel and the standard 120mm RGB fan make the X-608 a real eye-catcher. The front made of tempered glass and the side panel made of 4mm thick tempered glass, which opens like a door, give a generous view of strong effects and colors, which are provided by switches on the front or via the 5V RGB header connector (addressable RGB LEDs). Plenty of room for additional fans or water cooling can be found in the spacious interior of the X-608. On the top of the case are a removable dust filter and the controls. In addition to the HD audio sockets, there is a USB 3.0 Type A and USB 3.0 Type C connection as well as two separate switches for controlling the brightness and the effects. A dust filter in the power supply tunnel and silent blocks, on which the power supply is stored, allow a quiet and clean operation. The X-608 leaves nothing to be desired with a removable hard disk mounting frame, a holder for long graphics cards, the included RGB sync cable and a wide range of cable laying options.
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